Rare quarter sells for $2,827 online

Quarters and other valuable coins are being sold online for thousands of dollars.

If you look in common areas of your home, such as jars or underneath your soda, you might find a rare one as well.

Several factors can make a piece valuable, including the presence of an error, low mintage, dates, grade, and condition.

Why a quarter sold online for nearly $3,000 is explained in this story.

The draped bust series, which includes the quarter, was last produced by the US Mint more than 200 years ago.

There were only five dates in the draped bust series produced, with a total reported mintage of less than 600,000.

Therefore, the chances are good that if you do find one of them, it will be valuable.

The one that was purchased from the eBay listing actually bears the 1806 date, which has the second-highest mintage in the series at 206,124.

As always, the grade and condition of your coins determine their worth. Nevertheless, after 48 bids, a buyer ultimately won the coin for a total of $2,827.77.

In higher grades, an 1806 date might be even more valuable.

According to Professional Coin Grading Service, one that was graded in an MS 66 grade sold for more than $71,000 in an auction in 2005.