VDB Lincoln penny sells for record $366,600 at auction

A rare VDB Lincoln penny recently broke the world record for a rare coin sale by selling for $365,625.

The penny in question broke the previous record for sales of the same coin, according to GreatCollections, an official auctioneer website for the American Numismatic Association.

It was referred to as the "king of Lincoln proof cents" by Ian Russell, the president of GreatCollections.

The record-breaking penny bears the initials V.D.B. on the "tails side" and was struck in 1909.

Victor D. Brenner, the person who created the penny, is identified by these initials.

Out of the less than 1,200 coins specially struck by the Mint in 1909, it is tied for the best known surviving example.

The coin was part of a group of ten pennies that sold for a total of $1.1 million on Sunday night.

Mr. Russell claimed that a New York-based coin collector who has been collecting for more than 50 years sold the coins.

The coin that sold was a proof cent, which is typically a pre-release sample and not made available for general circulation.

You shouldn't anticipate finding a coin with the same value in your spare change, so to speak.

However, circulated VDB pennies can still be very profitable.

One such coin, for instance, sold for $2,146 earlier this year on eBay.

The 1909 mintage year and the VDB initials on the back of the coin are the details you should search for.