Robert Griffin III Says He Is ‘Ready’ for Return to NFL

Robert Griffin III's last NFL snap as the quarterback was 19 months ago.

The 32-year-old has been working hard to prepare for a possible return since then, and now claims he is ready for a call from any team.

Would he be a viable candidate for a starting or reserve position in the league?

The topic of retirement is difficult for every player.

In the case of Robert Griffin III, even though he's not playing in the NFL, he's waiting for a call to don the uniform once again.

One of the most talented quarterbacks picked in recent seasons, Robert Griffin was one of the most promising in his early years.

The only chance RGIII had of winning the opening job was to be a capable backup.

Griffin was the backup quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens in his final NFL game, playing behind Lamar Jackson for the team.

"I am ready to go right now"I train every day. I throw and work out.

So, if I get that call this year, next year, or five years from now I will be ready to play",