Six coins you need to look out for in your piggy bank

The first coin on the list is a 2000 penny that was affixed to a New Hampshire quarter.

1. 2000 penny/New Hampshire quarter

$9,400 was paid for it.

Coin collectors will pay a high price to own this coin because it is so uncommon and it is also uncommon to see two coins struck on the same die.

You should take a closer look at this coin even though it may initially appear to be a standard penny.

2. 1999 penny

You can see letters from an additional coin in the United word on the coin's reverse that aren't supposed to be there, according to Eric.

You could sell the coin for around $50,000 if you happened to have it in your lineup.

This 2001 Denver penny's front side appears to be completely normal, but turning it over reveals a Roosevelt dime.

3. 2001 Denver penny

If you happen to sell one of the few copies, such an unusual error could bring in a lot of money.

In this instance, an incorrect 2001 Denver penny sold for a whopping $78,000.

Another 1999 penny is currently ranking quite profitably.

4. 1999 penny and dime

Its reverse is a full dime, which is what makes it so unique.

This coin's value increased to the point where a seller previously sold it for the full $138,000.

Due to the fact that this coin is a quarter struck onto a Sacagawea dollar, it is extremely valuable.

5. Quarter struck on Sacagawea dollar

Due to the rarity of this combination, it recently sold for $144,000.

The last and final Sacagawea dollar is up.

3. 2001 Denver penny

However, this one was produced using a presidential dollar.

This peculiar combination resulted in a seller claiming an $84,000 check.