The latest Sonic Team project, Sonic Frontiers, is projected to be the studio's biggest game to date.

Additionally, we now know that the game will serve as the starting point for the third generation of Sonic games, with subsequent games following in its footsteps.

The current release date for Sonic Frontiers is the 2022 holiday season.

But don't be surprised if the release date is pushed back to 2023 given the size of the game and the challenges of game development amid the ongoing pandemic.

– PlayStation 5 – PlayStation 4 – Xbox Series X|S – Xbox One – Nintendo Switch – PC

The following platforms will support Sonic Frontiers, according to Sonic Team:

Fans learned more about combat, skill advancement, and new cyberspace zones during a recent Nintendo Direct

Sonic uses a variety of melee and ranged attacks to take on enemies of all sizes in one trailer.

The second trailer focuses mostly on Sonic exploring an open world, but some intriguing gameplay mechanics are visible.

For PC and Mac, Sonic Frontiers is currently only available as a single-player game. Co-op may be added in the future, but the game is currently only available as a single experience.

The game's creators, Sonic Team, haven't made a statement about multiplayer.

Sonic Frontiers hasn't started accepting pre-orders yet. For more details, wait to the months before the launch.