Stunning Discovery: £47,000 Hidden in Nesquik Cans Within New Home's Walls

A homeowner in Spain stumbled upon a great fortune while renovating a house he had bought for his retirement.

Toño Piñeiro found six Nesquik cans filled with banknotes, which totaled more than nine million pesetas, Spain's old currency.

The equivalent value in euros is over £47,500.

Toño was overjoyed, but his joy was short-lived as he found out that some of the notes were too old to be exchanged for euros.

The Bank of Spain stopped accepting the older notes and Toño missed the deadline to exchange them.

Half of his windfall ended up being worthless.

Toño will keep some notes as souvenirs, and is considering selling some to collectors, including architect Pepe Cruz whose father designed the 1970s notes.

The peseta was phased out after Spain adopted the euro in 2002, and the Bank of Spain estimates that 1.6 billion euros worth of old notes and coins were not exchanged before the deadline.