If it has one key feature, your dime may be worth more than $250

A coin expert claims that some dimes can be worth hundreds of dollars if they have a particular flaw.

The best dimes to look out for if you want to make money were shared by TikTok coin expert Blake Alma.

In the video, he first displayed a 1982 dime that "looks completely normal... but it's missing one very important thing."

Blake is referring to the mint mark that can be seen on the head side of a coin right next to the date.

A different coin error to watch out for is on 1964 dime dimes with a "D" mint mark.

View the writing on the dime's tail side by flipping the coin over.

Can you see how that O has a sort of 3-D effect that has been doubled on it? he stated.

"That is a mistake, and you want to pay for that?" One of these coins has an auction record of $285.

Keep looking through your change for a 1949 silver dime that has a "S" mint mark on the reverse.

The more money you can make from your coin, the better condition it must be in.