1920 Ranger is up for auction

The last  1920 Ranger luxury tourer is being auctioned off.

The Southern Motor Company, a pre-war manufacturer out to scam investors and steal money, produced this car.

According to Car & Classic, the Southern Motor Company initially deceived the public by setting up a phony manufacturing facility, two showrooms, and a posh office in Houston, Texas.

The Southern Motor Company's operations were halted by the American government in 1921, just one year after it was established.

The fictitious organization, however, had already defrauded investors of $6 million by that point.

According to Car & Classic, the previous 1920 Ranger auction winner will also receive a thorough history file on the vehicle.

The motoring museum Vida's Vintage Vehicles previously owned and restored this 1920 Ranger, which is now located in the United Kingdom.

The irony that the few models Southern Motor Company produced are of exceptional quality is acknowledged by Car & Classic.

The vehicle's 31-horsepower engine has a top speed limit of 50 miles per hour.

The final 1920 Ranger will be put up for auction by Car & Classic on September 25th.