Upon first glance, there isn’t that much about the new 2022 iPad Air that distinguishes it from its predecessor. Having received a much-needed design overhaul in 2020

the Air was already more versatile than before, with a sleeker design featuring thinner bezels, an integrated touch ID function, a home button-free interface and a USB-C charging port.

The 2022 model brings with it a few more colours, an updated front-facing camera and of course, Apple’s proprietary M1 chip

Except the new Air does it at a significantly lower price point, further blurring the lines between itself and the 11-inch Pro

with which it shares many things including all the accessories such as the Apple Pencil, smart keyboard folio and the more expensive Magic Keyboard.

With the base model priced at Rs 54,900, the question isn’t why you shouldn’t go for this iPad, it’s why you should go for anything else.

M1 processor to a more fiscally conservative group of people, primarily students. For this reason, Apple has limited the storage options to a maximum of 264GB unlike the staggering 2TB available on the top-end Pro.

The new 12-megapixel camera completes the Air’s transition to being a truly contemporary iPad, joining ranks with the new Mini and Pro range

with the updated Centrestage function which repositions you to the centre of the frame during a video call.

All in all, the 2022 iPad Air is good news for everyone. It effectively bridges the gap between a standard iPad and an iPad Pro

leaving the latter to its namesake: professionals, visual artists, architects etc for whom paying an additional Rs 17,000 for the added space and FaceID functions is worthwhile investment.