The 1964 nickel is worth more than $6,000

A COIN expert explains why this is a very common nickel sold at auction for such a huge amount.

Recently, TThe Coin Guy posted a video about a 1964 nickel, which has nearly 2 billion copies and is worth $6,325.

The coin expert mentions in his video that almost everyone has a Jefferson nickel with the year 1964 printed on it.

Thomas Jefferson designed and built his Virginia home, "Monticello," which is depicted on the reverse of the coin.

The coin, which fetched $6,325 at auction in 2009, was in excellent condition and still shows five steps to Monticello.

Even if only one of the five stages may appear on your 1964 nickel, it can still be valuable; However, to determine its value, you will probably need to have it certified or appraised.

The most expensive coins in coin collections are often either extremely rare or have mint defects.

If you're unsure of how much a coin will sell for, a quick way to learn is to look it up on eBay and see how much it or other coins like it have previously sold for.

You can learn about and sell your rare coins with the help of additional merchants and appraisers, such as Coinappraiser and USA Coin Bank.