You could earn up to $764,000 for a half dollar

Because of their history, EAGLE-EYED collectibles can be worth a fortune, and there are some distinctive characteristics to look for.

Depending on where it was minted, the 1838 half dollar is worth between $48,469 and $763,750.

A coin collector recently shared a video of an extremely rare half dollar that was produced in 1838.

The 1838 Capped Bust New Orleans coin, according to the influencer, "is one of the hardest coins and most rare coins to find in the United States."

The Professional Coin Grading Service states that the highest price ever paid for this coin at auction is $763,750.

Although it's unlikely that you'll find it in your spare change, the "O" letter struck above the year will let you know that it was produced in New Orleans.

The 1838 coin produced in Philadelphia has a record-breaking auction price of $48,469, according to PCGS.

Christian Gobrecht created the Capped Bust half dollar, which has a few distinguishing characteristics to look out for.

It shows a picture of Liberty with long, curly hair hidden under a hat, facing to the left.

The year will also be engraved on the coin's obverse side, and 13 stars will surround it.

While an eagle holding a shield is depicted on the coin's reverse side.

"Half Dol" is written at the bottom of the reverse side as well.

Additionally, the coin is 90% silver and 10% copper.