Quarters are worth up to $3,000

A coin that has been identified by an expert as having a certain date may be worth thousands of dollars.

Despite the fact that the Washington quarter has only been produced since 1932, some of them may be very valuable for a number of reasons.

An expert on coins clarified what to look for on a specific Washington quarter that could increase its value to $3,000 in more detail.

Here is what he said in a recent video regarding a Washington quarter.

The bicentennial quarter is the coin you need to search for.

It has two dates on the obverse in the bottom center: 1776 and 1976

The Coin Guy claims that this was accomplished in order to "celebrate the bicentennial," which marks the 200th anniversary of the US gaining its independence.

The image of a colonial drummer can be seen on the reverse.

According to The Coin Guy, one thing to watch out for is a D (Denver) letter mark.

However, if the letters in the word "Liberty" are doubled, you might be holding onto something.

He claimed that it is worth $185 in an average circulated grade, citing data from Professional Coin Grading Services.

However, PCGS claims that the highest price ever paid for one of these Washington quarters at auction was $3,246.