The value of your quarter could be almost $75,000

One small detail that could dramatically increase the value of what seems to be an average quarter was revealed by a COIN expert.

Coin dealer AppraiseItNow explained to his followers why a quarter sold for almost $75,000 in one of his auctions.

A quarter with this design could be worth over $75,000, according to the coin collector.

After that, he displayed a photograph of the incredibly rare 1932 Denver quarter.

The coin's grade was determined to be MS-66, which qualifies it as "gem uncirculated."

The classification, in accordance with Heritage Auctions, designates the quarter as "an uncirculated coin with only minor distracting marks or imperfections.

Only a few grades separate this from MS-70, which is described as "an absolutely flawless coin."

First, make sure the date is 1932.

The mint mark can then be found above the words "quarter dollar" if you turn the quarter around.

He states that if you see a D, the coin was struck in Denver, which is exactly what you're looking for.

Additionally, AppraiseItNow has a video about a particular half-dollar that could be worth over $150,000.

A 1964 half-dollar coin is what you should be looking for, according to AppraiseItNow.

And like some other rare coins, the value of this one comes from a minting mistake.

A 1964 coin with the number "4" and a tiny teardrop-shaped marking hanging off the back is considered to be rare.