see the detail to look for on this District of Columbia quarter to make up to $3,055

For a COIN to be valuable to collectors, it does not necessarily need to be from a different century.

Any coin with a distinctive flaw may become valuable and desirable to collectors.

These can range from a font that is unusually large to a missing mint mark.

With the aid of a 2009 District of Columbia quarter, Eric illustrated this.

The front and back of the quarter have a typical appearance.

Duke's piano reveals the mistake that collectors are looking for upon closer inspection.

The second set of letters in the word "ELLINGTON" appear slightly below and to the left of the first set.

On November 11, one was recently sold on eBay for $415.

However, one from the Professional Coin Grading Service sold for a record-breaking $3,055 in 2014. The highest grade a coin can receive is a 70, and the coin that sold was a 66 grade.