Rare 2021 Lincoln penny sells for $822

An Abraham Lincoln-themed penny that was struck last year has sold for hundreds of dollars online.

The coin has damage and some features are missing, but it's not clear if a mistake occurred at the mint.

The seller stated in a description, "Just to make things CLEAR I am in no way saying that this is a genuine error coin."

"I discovered this in a roll of bank coins that I bought a collection of. It might be a damaged coin or something else.

According to the images offered, a line passes almost entirely through Lincoln's upper body and through the middle of his head.

The component divides the abolitionist's persona in two. Lincoln's nose and the back of his head are connected by a horizontal line.

The year 2021 is shown, and there is another date that is upside down on the bottom of the obverse. On the reverse, there are some lines and damage as well.

On March 3, after 31 bids, the 2021-dated item sold for a total of $821.59.

In that case, the Lincoln cent would be worth more than 8.2 million percent of what it originally cost.