Lincoln pennies worth up to $7,000 - the details you need to know

The 1924 Lincoln D wheat cent is one date to keep an eye out for.

1. 1924 D Lincoln penny

Naturally, Victor David Brenner designed these coins, which were minted in Denver.

USA Coin Book calculated the value to start at $51 if in average condition, depending on condition.

In actuality, one recently brought close to $450 on eBay.

These coins are special because they date from the inaugural year that the Lincoln penny was produced.

2. 1909 S Lincoln penny

They are primarily made of copper—95 percent of them—with small amounts of tin and zinc.

These pennies are worth, according to USA Coin Book, $121 in average condition.

If found in perfect condition, they could be worth anywhere from $371 to $409 or even more.

A recent one that was sold on eBay for $485 was a high-grade, certified item.

This brings us full circle to the more uncommon VDB penny.

3. 1909 S Lincoln VDB penny

After 72 million pennies were produced without VDB, the initials were eliminated from subsequent designs.

These pennies are still valued highly by coin collectors.

In fact, according to PCGS, one went for $7,000 in an auction held in October.

The low mintage of just a little over 1.9 million of these pennies makes them a sought-after find as well.

4. 1914 D Lincoln penny

They bear the Denver-specific D mintmark.

According to USA Coin Book, these pennies can be worth $285 if they are discovered in average condition.

However, if you have one with MS, it may be worth anywhere between $2,277 and $3,764 or more.

1931 with a S mint mark is another significant date in the series.

5. 1931 S Lincoln penny

Similar to the other coins, this one has wheat stalks on the obverse instead of the Lincoln Memorial and features Lincoln on the obverse.

The value of these pennies, according to USA Coin Book, ranges from $102 in average condition to $215 or more.

One recently fetched $420 on eBay.