Rare and most valuable error coins revealed

Rare coin designs frequently sell for thousands of dollars, but errors on coins are also fetching high prices.

In actuality, the most expensive and rare error coins can sell for up to $599 each.

Based on recent eBay listings, we've compiled the most valuable coins, which range from penny coins to 50 cent pieces.

A Washington quarter from 1969 was the error coin that recently fetched the highest price on eBay.

1969 Washington Quarter - $599

The specific coin has been mis-shaped and struck off-center, but the eBay listing calls it a "definite keeper." After receiving 28 bids, the coin sold for $598.88.

Recently, another Washington quarter fetched more than $500 on eBay.

1964 Washington Quarter - $545

The coin in question was a 1964 design that was struck on a planchet of silver that was worth 10 cents. The Missoula, Montana seller had set the price for it at one dollar.

This penny coin is a rare double-die observe Lincoln Memorial cent from 1972. It received 49 bids on eBay last year before selling for $325.

1972 Lincoln Cent - $325

The words "In God We Trust" are doubled along the top of the coin, which was struck in Philadelphia.

Additionally, the word "Liberty" is doubled on the left side, and 1972 is written on the right side.

This Lincoln Wheat Memorial cent was struck off-center like several other coins and sold for a hefty price on eBay.

Lincoln Wheat Cent - $305

In September 2021, it was auctioned off on eBay for $305 after receiving 50 bids from coin collectors. The year of the coin is unknown because of the minting error.

Recently, a shipwreck-recovered 50 cent error coin sold for $292 online.

1859 50 Cent SS Republic - $292

The SS Republic, a ship that went down off the coast of Georgia in 1865, was the source of the half dollar coin that was in circulation at the time.

Last but not least, the text on this 25 cent coin from 2005 contains a typo. The text appears to read, "In God We Rust," but the "T" is barely discernible.

2005 Washington Quarter - $153

In August 2021, the Washington coin was sold on eBay for $152.50 after receiving 14 bids.