What happens to Joey Chestnut's body after the Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Joey Chestnut, a hot dog eating legend, broke the world record by eating 76 dogs in 10 minutes last year.

Source examines what transpires to Chestnut after consuming an excessive number of hot dogs:

Initially, the sweats. The meat sweats, ah. Joey Chestnut understands them too.

Chestnut said to Insider last year that as soon as the last hot dog is consumed, he immediately begins "sweating like a madman."

According to Chestnut, that sweat smells like hot dogs. Chestnut said, "I've had people tell me they can smell the hot dogs.

Chestnut claims that two days are needed for him to "really start to feel normal again."

There is no getting around the fact that it is physically taxing, he said. He compares the process to getting a runner's high.

I enjoy a good hot dog, he declared. Chestnut is somewhat of an authority on hot dogs.

It resembles a Philly cheesesteak in some ways thanks to the Cheez Whiz and grilled onions.