World's largest Great White Shark hunts down a California Man.

Based on the bite mark on its prey, the great white shark that attacked a swimmer in California was thought to be about 20 feet long, making it possibly one of the largest white sharks in the world.

 two paddleboarders and a surfer heard his cries for help and came to his aid, saving his life.

Although the shark bit his legs, abdomen and arms, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Based on bite investigations, DFW determined that the shark could be up to 20 feet long.

Because of their involvement in attacks on humans and their size, great white sharks are arguably the most well-known and notorious sharks.

According to Oceana, great white shark attacks are "very rare" and after a single "exploratory bite", the prey is not the shark's preferred food.

But due to the sheer size of the shark, even small bites can be fatal.