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Recently, a PAIR of dollars sold online for $3,706 due to a few crucial characteristics.

A coin expert named Eric Miller explains on TikTok that the following characteristics must be present for a dollar to be considered valuable.

Star Notes A specific date and letter

Replacement Notes are another name for Star Notes.

Star Notes

Before money is released into circulation, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) replaces damaged or incorrectly printed notes with these markings.

The only difference between these dollars and "normal" money is that the letter normally present at the end of the serial number was changed by the BEP to a star.

According to My Currency Collection, some collectors believe that Star Notes with print runs of 640,000 or less are the most valuable.

The expert claimed that for a dollar to be valuable, it must have the letter B in front of the serial number and display the year 2013.

A specific date and letter

If you have these two things, go to Star Note Lookup and enter the dollar's information there.

If it turns out to be a duplicate, your dollar could be worth thousands of dollars.