There may be a $2,000 value to your 2004 quarter

Recently, a COIN collector displayed a quarter that he says is worth $2000.

TikTokr CoinHub, real first name Blake, showed what it is about a certain quarter that makes it worth thousands.

The coin in question is the Wisconsin state quarter from 2004, which has an ear of corn, a cow, and a wheel of cheese on the reverse.

Blake, however, claimed that the leaf on the corn is what gives the coin value.

Similar to many rare coins, this one's value was derived from an error that was later fixed, making coins with that error more difficult to locate and thus more valuable.

Blake also mentioned that the coin's current record price is $2,530.

Make sure to examine your quarters more closely to determine if you possess a Wisconsin with a high extra leaf.

Finding a rare coin that could fetch thousands of dollars by searching through your spare change for uncommon nickels, half dollars, dimes, and other coins.

The most expensive coins in coin collections are frequently either extremely rare or have mintage flaws.

This is because they are typically harder to find and more expensive to collectors because there are typically fewer of them available.