Your 2021 quarter could be worth $100s

A 2021 quarter can actually be worth hundreds of dollars, according to coin collector Blake Alma.

Look for the letter P (Philadelphia) by George Washington's ponytail on the 2021 quarter, according to Blake.

Blake advised turning it around to the backside and looking for the Delaware back crossing.

You're going to look at George Washington; you might just spot a mistake, he said.

You should be on the lookout for anything extra on the hat that isn't supposed to be there.

A small mark on his quarter, also known as a crown error, was valued between $30 and $50, according to Blake.

The edges of a typical crown should be sharply cut; if there are additional marks, this indicates that more material was imprinted on the edges.

Blake remarked, "That is the granddaddy of the great error of the crown heads."

"You're searching for that. It might be worth more than $100 to $200 if it has that."

You might think about selling a 2021 P quarter on eBay if you're fortunate enough to find one.

A single person received $143.50 for selling their quarter.