Your dime could be worth $9,000

A minuscule error on the edge of YOUR 1965 dime could make it worth thousands of dollars.

The 1965 transitional error dime, which fetched $9,000 at a Heritage Auction in 2019, was dissected by the coin collecter Treasuretown in 2019.

The fact that this dime was produced using a 90 percent silver planchet one year after this method of production was stopped is what makes it so valuable.

The US Mint began producing dimes with a mixture of nickel and copper in 1965, replacing the silver that had previously been used.

However, some 1965 dimes were unintentionally produced using the outdated formula and distributed.

Although the mistake was quickly discovered and stopped, some of these dimes are still in circulation and are valuable collectibles.

The majority are worth between $3,000 and $6,000, but some can fetch much higher prices.

The video's featured dime was in good condition, which raised its value.

Check the coin's edge to see if it has a silver sheen if it is a 1965 dime.

If so, you can take it to a certified coin appraiser to determine whether or not you actually have a 1965 silver planchet error dime.