your Lincoln penny could be worth up to $25,000

On TikTok, a COIN trader displayed a penny that he claimed was worth $25,000.

His TikTok profile indicates that FarNorthCoins is a coin dealer who has conducted thousands of transactions on eBay and on social media.

FarNorthCoins mentioned in his video that he discovered the penny in a roll of bank coins.

He claimed to have discovered the coin in 2020 and, because he knew what to look for, was able to identify its important features.

The year it was released is the first of many details about this unique penny provided by FarNorthCoins.

1. The year

The only coins on which you can find these specifics are those from 1992.

You should first make sure your penny is from the appropriate year before turning it over to examine the letters.

2. The A and M

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After making sure the "A" and "M" in "America" are touching, FarNorthCoins advised in his video to check the word "States."

3. The other A

The letter "A" should be skewed to the right, closer to the second "T," according to the coin expert.

The final requirement for your penny to be worth $25,000 is found in the two letters that aren't part of the coin's actual words.

4. The F and G

According to FarNorthCoin, the big money penny will have a "F" and a "G" next to the memorial's image on the coin, but the letters will be farther away from the memorial than it will be.

If your penny fits all of these criteria, be sure to keep it secure because you might end up with much more than one cent.

If you know what to look for, many coins that appear to be commonplace daily coins could be worth a lot of money.