The value of your Lincoln penny could reach $5,000

Round up all of your spare change and give it a close inspection to see if you happen to have one of these priceless coins.

Furthermore, you are not required to look for centuries-old coins. Many coins that are less than 30 years old could still bring in a sizable sum of money.

The 1995 Lincoln Penny is one of those coins, and it stands out for two reasons.

On his TikTok channel, CoinHub, coin expert Blake Alma described how to recognize one of these coins.

It has a "double die" effect that gives the impression that the word "Liberty" was printed twice on the coin's face.

The double die on this specific coin is so obvious that it can be seen without a magnifying glass.

This coin's absence of the mint mark, which indicates where it was produced, is another notable feature.

In 2017, this penny brought in $5,054 at auction.