Your nickel could be worth $5,000

It's time to go through your change in search of a valuable, rare nickel that could be worth $5,000.

The Coin Guy  highlighted a 1964 nickel with a $5,000 asking price in a recent video.

For just a little spare change, that is a significant profit.

The year that the coin was made is the first thing you should look for when identifying it.

Only nickels from that lucky year—1964—could bear this distinctive mark.

If your coin is from 1964, flip it over and pay close attention to the steps on the structure directly above the word "Monticello."

You've found a lucky nickel with "full steps" if there are no breaks in the steps and they are all clearly visible, according to The Coin Guy.

This nickel would be worth more than $5,000 if it were in mint condition.

For coins graded between 60 and 70 on the Sheldon scale, a mint state is a requirement.

A nickel in this state that is graded 67 by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) is worth $5,500.

Only six of these coins are believed to be in existence.