Your quarter could be worth over $41,000

A quarter worth more than $41,000 might be lying around, so check your wallet and piggy bank.

A rare quarter double reverse coin, according to TikToker TreasureTown, could be worth up to $40,000.

In his most recent video, the coin in question was sold for $41,975.

TreasureTown continued, "And that was a long time ago, so the coin might be worth even more now.

According to TreasureTown, "It was struck with two reverse dies, which means that they paired up two reverses when they were hammering coins."

Only a few of these are known, and they are extremely rare, according to TreasureTown. But when they are put up for sale, they fetch a high price.

Another possible double error is a quarter on one side and a dollar on the other. If you sell it, you can make a similar amount of money.

It's a good idea to always turn over quarters you receive, according to TreasureTown. You can never be sure whether you have a two-tailed coin.

If you can successfully authenticate that you own one of these unique coins, you'll be making a lot of money, just like the previous seller of this coin.

The rarest coins, in the opinion of collectors, are those with a low mintage or an error, which are typically the most expensive coins.

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