Washington quarters are worth upto $25,000

A quarter from Washington with a special strike on it might be worth thousands of dollars.

And as a coin collector and TikToker Treasure Town revealed, this is also true of a Washington quarter from the 1960s.

He frequently creates videos explaining the value of particular coins, such as Jefferson nickels and Lincoln pennies, as well as how to identify them.

The 1964 date, which can be found at the bottom centre of the obverse under Washington's neck, is the first thing you should search for.

You should check your 1964 Washington quarters' edges to see if there are any "impairments," according to Treasure Town.

Treasure Town added, "You're also going to be looking in the fields around Washington's face.

"You probably have this coin if you don't see any nicks or hits."

Jaime Hernandez, editor of the Professional Coin Grading Services price guide, stated that only "a few dozen sets of Special Strike coins were struck in 1964."

The 1964 Washington SP quarter has a "nice, smooth, satin-like finish," according to Mr. Hernandez.

A 1964 quarter in an SP68 grade is worth $25,000, according to the price history chart from PCGS.